Fuelling the Shift in Conference Catering

Your food choices can have a dramatic effect on how you think, the mood you are in and your level of mental alertness, as well as impacting on your motivation and overall sense of wellbeing. This is apparent not only in our personal lives, but follows through into the business landscape as well. What we put into our bodies can dramatically influence our day and it’s important to get the balance right when considering any conference catering to ensure your delegates are at their optimum for maximum energy and engagement - there’s nothing worse than a lacklustre audience!

In a technology lead generation, we have access to more data readily available at our fingertips to help us make informed decisions about diet and lifestyle choices for optimum health. Delegates expect to have the option to make the same informed choices whether they’re at a business conference or in their office.

This has led to event organisers prioritising nutrition for their delegates as Gary Baverstock, in-house Nutritionist for Vacherin, the London-based company responsible for all catering at Events @ No 6 says “The importance of feeding the brain with essential nutrients to maintain energy and concentration levels throughout the day is key.”

Brighten your morning event

Early meetings are a great way to kick-start productivity levels and paired with an energising and fuelling breakfast, it sets the pace for the morning ahead. Andrew Finch, Head Chef at Events @ No 6 is a great advocate of listening to the client and understanding their needs first and foremost. This is apparent in his menus which offering bespoke creations which reflect the style or nature of the event. In particular, his healthy breakfast offering features ingredients chosen for their slow releasing energy components - vital for cognitive functioning.

Mornings are a catalyst for caffeine consumption so it is best to balance this with a nutrient dense breakfast, devoid of hidden sugars and heavy carbohydrates. Gary notes that “over consumption of pastries and muffins first thing will spike your blood sugar early in the day” so choosing something like our seasonal fresh bircher pots or crushed avocado on rye bread will satiate you enough to prevent constant picking at the buffet alongside your morning coffee.

Steering ahead of the curve

Historically, conference-style catering has been uninspiring and delivered to please a wide audience but in our experience, today’s delegates and event planners are far more conscious of the health benefits of a nutritious offering. An interesting notion is that eating healthier or more nutritiously balanced foods, not only helps brain functionality in terms of concentration levels but also the psychological feeling of wellbeing, therein maximising productivity levels. Our Working Lunch packages at Events @ No6 have been designed to deliver on taste and exceptional quality whilst managing a well balanced, nutritious and satiating meal such as hoisin and galangal baked white fish with pak choi and steamed rice – a firm favourite from our Elizabeth Room package! Andrew is passionate about the importance of creating outstanding catering for Events @ No 6 to match this well connected and accessible venue, perfect for hosting corporate, academic and personal events for over 200 guests. 

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